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Welcome to Atlantic Agri Imports


As a family owned and operated company since 2008, we pride ourselves on bringing you the finest, "Premium Quality Grade" ingredients in the marketplace. We lovingly call it Gran Pan-Pan

Our 1st product was Gran Pan-Pan rice. This is rice the way it’s meant to be experienced. Fragrant with a depth of flavor that cooks up perfectly every time. And with your choice of Thai Hom Mali (Lady of Fragrance) from Thailand and Basmati from India and Pakistan – parboiled rice, long-grain white and brown rice as well – Gran Pan-Pan will make your rice recipes extraordinary

A Commitment to Total Quality

From field to warehouse, our products undergo the strictest quality control to bring you the finest product available. It begins with a rigorous vetting process, including independent review by leading surveyors in the food industry. Of course, Atlantic Agri and all of its suppliers are registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, our warehouse is FDA registered and a certified "Food Grade Facility". All this is part of our commitment to total quality, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Atlantic Agri is more than a company – it’s a family legacy. The story began in the 1950's on the beautiful island nation of Haiti. It was there that entrepreneur, Esther Beaubrun-Gilles (affectionately known as Tete), entered the wholesale food business. Our Tete possessed a naturally shrewd sense for commerce and therefore made the well-reasoned decision to diversify her product offering. The two main products she sold were rice and sugar.

Tete purchased rice directly from Millers in the Desdune and L'Estere communes in Haiti's breadbasket Artibonite Department. In addition, as a registered commodities broker, she purchased sugar directly from the government of Haiti. However, as Haiti's premier staple food, rice soon became the flagship product in Tete’s product offering. Rice was the catalyst that catapulted her career and earned her the recognition of a self-made, successful entrepreneur in Haiti. Sadly, the beloved "Maman Peuple La" (Mother of the people") went on to join her Lord and Savior on August 8, 2005. May She Rest In Peace!

In 2008, Tete’s grandson decided to pick up where she left off and the Gran Pan-Pan brand was born. Our dedication to a great and beloved woman.

"Our family goal is to offer you the purest, finest products.
You’ll always be proud to serve Gran Pan-Pan to
your family and friends."

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